Casual Science

It's casual Friday with scientists in jeans,
With half of them relaxing and the others breaking things.
Sweeping robots with a broom is taxing (work's not any fun!)
But they're leaving for the weekend soon and all work must be done!


Fish Up In The Sky

Hooray for real watercolor and fish up in the sky,
They must be really giant, just look at that falling guy!
Flapping arms but cannot fly, hoping to survive the fall-
Wishin' he could fry those fish but they're too big to eat 'em all!


Kashal-Tee 2017

This one goes out to wish Kashal-Tee a glorious 2017!

"It's almost twenty-seventeen and everybody's got a beer,
Grinning ear to ear to cheer a happy new year!
With Kashal-Tee here on the stage like a monster out a cage,
Internationally rapping, dropping wisdom like a sage!

Peeps were flapping to the scene to hear this emcee bard,
Partying hard while wearing ancient Swedish garb...

But the power of his sound bombarded some right off the mound!
(Floating down to the ground they landed in a lost and found.)
While the others danced around, demanding to hear more-
And found the energy to ask for more even after the encore!"


Twice the Towers, Twice the Fun

Twice the towers, twice the fun - no doubt!  With little creatures having fun, running all about...


IsoStation Final

Quick! Warn the peeps on this platform to cower,
Six monsters and rats have surrounded the tower!
But they're not here to eat corn or people-devour,
They just want to eat grass and snack on a pink flower.



Parking Garage Sketch

Trapped on the 3rd floor of a parking garage. Kids in the mirror shaking the van. Brown Pilot Prera EF with Noodlers #41 Brown ink.


IsoStation Sketch

Drawn using a technique learned from a sketchcity.ch Mattias Adolfsson video where you sketch a top down view of a map on a grid... then translate that map to isometric (or perspective in my case) and extrude height to the environment. It's a wicked cool way to design a world.


The Sometimes People

Sometimes drawings have a story, other times they have a box.
Sometimes the box contains a person hoping it's not locked.
Sometimes an artist gets caught drawing stuck with writer's block,
Sometimes I ask "What's going on?!" (but these peeps refuse to talk.)
Sometimes we're better off 'cause sometimes people can be shocked-
By things that Sometimes People do in a hot box on the sidewalk.


Lovebox Sketch

I'm not quite sure what's going on here... but poetry will tell. Stay tuned.


The Yapping Flappers

Fish are flying in the sky, flap-flap-flap!
Their fins aren't much for flapping but their mouths are quick to yap.
Lots of words are said but not much sense in anything they say,
These yappers echo nonsense heard on TV news all day!


Birds & Fish Sketch

Drawing with my Pilot Prera fountain pens (EF/F) with Noodlers Polar Green ink on Moleskine paper.


okluma illustration

Here's an illustration made for okluma.com -- Jeff at Okluma makes high-end custom metal flashlights. Tough as a tank. Individually machined. Check them out!


Day 5. Inktober Chest.

Day 5. Fountain pens don't have to be expensive. This is a $12 Pilot Metropolitan & it rivals pens that cost 10x. 


Day 4. Inktober Boat Sketch

Day 4. Drawing with the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 loaded with an EF nib from a '91.




Sweet Wine For Starter Alcoholics

Day 1. "Sweet Wine For Starter Alcoholics" - Platinum 3776 Century UEF with J. Herbin Perle Noire ink.


The Crown

Drunk again and drawing crowns,
But I'll never be a king...
This was drawn with a pen called a Pilot 823.
Custom import from Japan loaded with the Noodlers Ink,
And I failed at poetry 'cause I had too much to drink.


Cafe Bustelo

Always drinking coffee for energy to draw,
'Cause having a big fam'ly leaves no energy at all.
So I brew my Café Bustelo for caffeinated wings,
And fly away with my Moleskine to draw important things!

Cafe Bustelo (sketch)


Dwellings CD Cover - Front

Illustration for Dwellings band CD cover. It's my favorite piece I've ever done, and with that I'm retiring from digital color... Going forward it's all about Moleskine and Watercolor. Back to the basics!


Pirate Ship (color)

My wife home schools our 3 boys. (Secular.) This will be 13x19 on the wall. Each boy has a marker and moves closer to rewards up top or toward the plank and into the monster's mouth depending on behavior.


Swimming with the Fish

Silly little people sitting happy on the edge,
With no one being careful - one's bound to fall off the ledge.
I'll hedge my bets and say the first to fall is red-hat Jim,
And that could be a tragedy 'cause Jim can't even swim.

So he sat there with that dumb grin 'til he slipped and fell right in,
To his surprise & quick demise that's when he found out something grim...
Those so-called friends were quick to laugh but slow to rescue him,
Jim's last thought was "With friends like that, one needs gills and maybe fins."


Aquarium Sketch

I expect color & value to bring some sense to this line work. Drawn with my Pilot Falcon SEF and Platinum 3776 Century UEF.


New drawing, Pirate Ship

First drawing with my new Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen. It's great for line art - the pen's a keeper!


Dwellings - Inside, Background

Here's the background before I re-add the 45 little characters. For Dwellings band.


Lavender Town Progress

Line work for a Dwellings band illustration. I'll be coloring this tomorrow.


Nib Shot

I'm working on something special for a band called Dwellings. Special thanks to the Pilot Falcon for the line work. =)


Sometimes When a Path Divides...

Sometimes when a path divides it might seem impossible to cross,
But you'll find we're better off to build a bridge in spite of the cost.


Taxibus Color

Driving through Seattle on a San Francisco bus,
They look like a bunch of cattle but it could be one of us.
Heading to the disco downtown on the bus but thinking of-
Wondering why they got stuck below while those ghosts got to ride above.



Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower man doesn't have a big plan,
He works hard on the yard and it grows back again.


Lawnmower Man

"Lawnmower Man. Keeping Grass Down!" Celebrating my new Yamabudo Pilot Custom Heritage 91 (F) fountain pen with a new drawing. Noodlers Blue on Rhodia Dot Grid.


Big monster on the house with two daughters in his hands,
He would put them in his mouth but they are his biggest fans.
And their father's down below looking up & quite perplexed,
But he's glad they're safe at home and not out somewhere having sex!



Happy lighthouse scene with a happy Peeping Tom Monster. Happy drawing, ready for happy color.


Party Flower

Any day, any hour (hopefully after a shower)
Is good enough to head up to the Party Flower,
No push, no shove, but please wear a Body Glove,
'Cause these weasels may have done things you may not approve of!
Some are fat, some are buff,
And like it soft or do it rough,
But everyone is welcome, even monsters come for love!


Happiness Abound

Happiness abound when BB8 comes out to play!
Whenever he's around the kids are sure to say...
That a helpful robot friend is so much better than a horse,
Especially for young Padawans that haven't learned The Force!


The Capsule Men

Driving through the 'hood trying to enjoy the sun,
But The Capsule Men approach opting to destroy the fun.
Quick to hassle them, surrounded - found they got nowhere to run,
Now The Capsule Men will dazzle them and won't stop 'til they've won.

They claim they're here to teach, but they're really here to preach,
Modern medicine is like religion reaching out to each-
And everyone, with an answer instantly to solve,
"Put your faith in Mr. Pill and all your problems will dissolve."


Quickstop the Bull Drop!

Somebody call the cops!
This bully must be stopped!
I hope the cops can stop this man
Before poor Stan gets dropped again!


The Axeman

Everyone gathered for the lumberjack attack.
They claim they're sad he's cutting but they're where the action's at.
The sadness on their face betrays the celebration of the fall,
They pretend to love The Tree but then they're not real friends at all.



Laughing at the Pink Man

Laughing all about at the man who lost his head.
But see the sadness on his face? It's making him turn red.
Or rather - pink. At least I think that's what I see...
He used to be as yellow as that flower by the tree.

But these guys did something bad (like that kind of person does.)
Always quick to find a "funny joke" to play on one of us.
Everyone is quick to laugh so long the joke's not played on them...
It's easier to laugh-at than to be laughed at again.


Ellocat Waterflower

It's the Ello Cat Waterflower looking for a beach,
But there's no yellow sand in the vicinity to reach,
So the king will have to make due with the flowers left & right,
And hangout on his phone with friends on Ello through the night!