Fountain Pen Cola

Fountain Pen Cola. Doodling with a Pilot Lucina (F) fountain pen.


Important Drawing of Important People Reading Important Books

Dumbo's got a Pinto bag and it goes well with his 'stache,
Though it's funny that he thinks he can impress us with his cash.
Wasted money on a pink bag, now he's bragging 'bout a book.
He can't face it- we're too busy with our own to care or look.

I got a book on pickles! Pervo's got a weirdo book he found,
And The Cowboy's reading Brokeback Kanyon (sequel to the Mount.)
But the words are all that matter, books with pictures do not count-
These 10 dummies in a room are reading hard and that's no doubt.


Important People Reading Important Books (sketch)

Important drawing of important people reading important books. Drawn tonight during my oldest boy's Kendo practice.


425 Business Cover Illustration (May 2017)

I did the cover illustration for May 2017 of 425 Business magazine. I worked with Art Director Kirsten Erwin on it - she was great to collaborate with. She had just the right suggestions and advice it needed. Thanks, Kirsten (and 425 Business.)


Fashion Sketch

Clothing studies based on random Google images. Because fashion is important.


Murican Dream

I'm afraid I think these boxes that we live on cost a lot.
They're so small and pink but Doc says, "Just work hard to pay it off.
Enjoy your mortgage, thank your bank, and know the dream is not a lie.
You're lucky to have a box, son, now go work until you die.
No, you'll never pay it off, so just turn your head and cough.
You're not dead yet so get to work while I go play some golf!"


Isopeople Sketch (fixed)

Redrawn for 2017 to fix some things (using my Pilot Custom 743 with EF nib.) I'll color it tonight in Clip Studio Paint.


Dinner Birds

Sitting 'round a table, Bird Men looking at a head.
All of them are hungry but want something else instead.
"That's fine if y'all don't eat, in fact I think it would be best,"
Said the bird in back, "I'll take it home and eat it in my nest."


Dinner Birds Sketch

"All drawings must be giant," said Art School.
"Not true!" said glorious Pilot Custom 742 fountain pen with incredibly fine PO nib.


Three Kinds of Men

There are guys who like dudes,
And there are men who like boobs.
But I'm the kind of guy who likes a sky full of tubes.



I'm a friend to all ghosts, and who wouldn't be?
Stranded on an island with no fences and free.
When mana falls from the tree, we gather around to eat-
Feeling lucky for the company and moments like these.


Skytubes Sketch

Drawn with my Sailor 1911s fountain pen (EF nib) on Rhodia dot grid. I love Japan's big 3: Sailor, Platinum, and Pilot. Pilot is my favorite (for the higher ink capacity and slightly soft gold nibs.)

This Sailor is one of my favorites, though, because I like the color and smallish size combined with the firm nib which gives a lot of control when drawing. I'll be coloring this in new software: Clip Studio Paint Pro.


When Dinos Attack (sketch)

Inked with my brown metal Falcon SEF. The brown Falcon is an unusual coppery color and is made of lead. It weighs over 1000 pounds, making it somewhat unwieldy. It holds 1ml of precious black ink and souls.


Helper at the Nest

Bird Man walking in the red sky,
He's not sure if he's dead or if he just wants to die,
And he's drinking so much wine he can feel it in his chest...
Sick of being nothing but a Helper at the Nest.


The Alcohol Consumption Show

Small hands? Yes, but says he's "big where it matters,"
(By drinking so much wine he's expanded his bladder.)
Some come for the drink and others come for the chatter,
You're welcome if you're thin but even more if you're fatter.

His name is Long Neck Beck and if you're sober you'll cry,
But if you're wrecked enough he seems a heck of a guy.
He never crosses the line until you come on his show,
There's no television camera or broadcast, though.

Just a weird room at the back of his house, you know?
But for lots of alcoholics it's THE place to go.
'Cause each contestant on the show each gets their own segment,
They get drunk and have a great time 'til they wake up pregnant.


Show Sketch

These Inebriates were drawn with an Osprey Pens Milano fitted with a custom EEF two-tone black oxide JoWo nib from FPNibs.com


Happy Flower Platform

New drawing colored in Escape Motions Rebelle. This software is so good - it's the best of digital and analog painting combined into one.


New Platform Sketch

New platform drawing. Noodlers Black on HP 32lb. Color coming next.


Dancing in the Street

Can you feel the heat? We're dancing at the party on Concrete Street! We got Artie on the left with a beer in his hand with a monster as his guest and to the right is Stan! With something disconcerting on the front of his shirt, too exerted to flirt with the girl by the curb - with her fresh pink dress and others dressed to impress, I like the one that's sitting shirtless with his belly well fed! We never said that this party'd ever come to an end - the sun is setting but no fretting we can do it again!


Dancing Feet in the Concrete Street (video)

New drawing video featuring the Osprey Pens Milano & colored in Escape Motions Rebelle.


Finding Love on Sunshine Street

"Finding Love on Sunshine Street." I colored this pen & ink drawing using a Wacom pen & tablet with Rebelle by Escape Motions. This software simulates water on paper and reacts just like real paint! The interesting textures, drips, and bleeds all happen naturally in Rebelle. Wet color washes into neighboring paint, plus it has "undo," layers, as well as .PSD support - critical features for illustration work since clients often request changes. Rebelle is amazing. Highly recommended.

Rebelle is available at http://www.escapemotions.com and v2.0 should be out later this month with all the new features!


Ghost Circle

Ghost Circle. Drawn using a Platinum 3776 Century SF with Noodlers 41 Brown ink. Painted with Prima Watercolor "Decadent Pies."


University Sketch Part 2

Found my dream pen once & for all: Pilot Custom 823 with FA nib. It's truly perfect. This is final line work for a rough sketch posted previously - the characters will be drawn separately and comped on top before coloring. Drawn from photo ref because I needed that exact location.



My friend, the responsible thing to do...
When buying a new pen is to sell another two.
So then my friend named "Harry M." bought one pen,
And he asked me to paint a Ghost-Terrarium for him.
That's when I took the new pen to a Moleskine page...
And drew a family of ten trapped in a ghost-shaped happy cage!

#art #drawing #moleskine #sketch #illustration #fountainpen #poetry #ghost


Sunshine in the Sky

Three Islands. A paradise and a nice quiet place to go.
But alas, it's not in my fate because work is all I know.
I heard the call and chose to draw these drawings 'til I die,
To live by the pen, I survive by painting sunshine in the sky.

#art #life #illustration #poetry #drawing #destiny


Three Islands (sketch)

Drawn while waiting for my kid's haircut & inked at home with my Platinum 3776 Century UEF.


Crowned Man Frowning

That girl is out of line! I think she's lost her mind!
She's riding on a bug and flapping arms like she can fly!
She's got a pack of ghosts with a smile on her face,
And our fate is in the hands of Crowned Man Frowning in a cape!

Incredibly Important People Sketch

Drawing some incredibly important people with the Sailor 1911 EF Bumblebee pen.



Way back in '88 I was staying up late
Playing games like Donkey Kong (and of course Pac-Man was great!)
Smashing barrels, chomping dots, chased by Blinky, eating Clyde-
Climbing ladders, jumping fire all to make that princess mine!


Boom Box Pizza Party

Boom Box in the room and we're putting it on blast,
Eating pizza, drinking beer & we're hoping both will last.
Rocking beats from the past, now the party's all set,
Let us breakdance to the sound of an analog cassette!


Boombox Party

Platinum's 3776 Century nib is even bigger than Pilot's 912 nib. Used both on this little boom box pizza party.



The Sailor 1911 EF felt like drawing some old school arcade classics.


Standing on a Jeep

Standing on a Jeep but these days a Jeep's not cheap,
I took a peep at the price and it was almost 30 grand!
I took a leap 'cause I'm a fan and bought it for my family,
And now we're driving through the sand on our way out to the sea!


New Pen, New Drawing. Sailor 1911 EF

New pen, new drawing. Sailor 1911 Standard, Yellow GT with EF nib. Oh man it's good. My first Sailor - instantly a favorite.


A Spot of Red

Sometimes just a spot of color keeps things light, not overworked. And red.


Tree Collage Sketch

Random fun with a Pilot Custom 823 EF in my Moleskine - and now for a dash of watercolor!


New HD Drawing Video

Check out my new HD drawing video featuring the Pilot Custom 742 PO Fountain Pen and Watercolor in a Moleskine Art Plus sketchbook. 


Happy Alien Planet

A happy little planet but these aliens have landed and seem to be taking people away.


Twin Towers Inked Study

Drawn with a Pilot Custom 742 PO nib in my Moleskine sketchbook. Good times.


Birthday Invitation

junkyardsamI finished my kid's birthday invitation. And now, back to regularly scheduled programming...


Big Fish in a Frame (video!)

Here's a video of me inking & coloring this drawing. Timelapse.


Big Fish in a Frame

"Big fish in a frame with no water will jump out,"
Said the peeps that hang around outside, pouting all about.
They argue and then spout with clout, "Which name to give this red?"
There's no doubt the shade is "crimson," put this argument to bed!