The Tree Project

Hard at work illustrating a story by Australian author Michael Pardy - this is a big collaboration with 30+ drawings. He's done voiceover work and we're setting it to video and more. It's going to be epic!


Bad River (sketch)

Lately I've felt a bit like one of those guys in the boat.


Cloudfighting the Seattle Sun

A true depiction of yesterday at the soccer field with parents and children under attack by the sun. But just you wait, Sun. This is Seattle. The clouds are coming soon enough!

Cloudfighting the Seattle Sun (sketch)

Drawn with a Pilot Custom 743 EF while listening to the El Chapo Trap House podcast. Wrapped up with some Descendents and Misfits. Good listening for late night Saturday drawing time.


Ground Monster

Say hello to the monster now that's up from under ground,
It rose to say "What's up?" and burst through with a thunder sound.
The boys came running sword in hand to chop it down like wood-
Let's hope it can explain before it dies misunderstood!


Ground Monster Sketch

​I drew this with my glorious vintage brown ebonite Osprey Pens Milano with a two-tone black oxide JoWo EF nib. I swapped the section from my black Milano for a stealthy transition to the nib. This pen warms to the touch - it's a real joy to draw with.


Sitting in the cabin (much too hot outside for me),
Drawing while my boys watch Total Recall on TV.
Soon we'll go out for a hike and then go fishing down below,
While my wife is barbecuing the best food we'll ever know!


My wife & I rented the Harmony Lodge cabin in Baring, WA for a week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and our 4th and final kid due in 6 weeks (finally a girl!) I drew the cabin from life while the boys watched Total Recall. I finished inking it at my oldest boy's Kendo practice. That's the weird sword stuff shown in my story feed sometimes.

We were totally secluded and the river was about 30 feet from the window on the right. Amazing. Great vacation!

PS. Drawn with my new Pilot Custom 74 mechanical pencil and inked with my red Pilot Falcon SEF.



"Come on down to SpiderTown and be sure to bring your friends!
We'll clown around at Osprey, maybe buy some fountain pens.
Please be careful in the park, for when the monster gets real mad-
He's just sad that a ballpoint pen is all he ever had."

I colored this in Rebelle by Escape Motions using an Intuos pen & tablet. That software is amazing... it takes the complexity out of the process so you can just focus on the art. I'm not sure what I'd do without it.


Spider Town (line art)

My new drawing includes a tribute to one of my favorite pen makers OspreyPens.com - drawn with my pair of ebonite Osprey Milanos with custom EEF & EEEF nibs from FPNibs.


IsoMonster. Progress Day 1.

Work in progress. I use podcasts & shows in the background while drawing. I just finished the "Ozark" series on Netflix. It's really good.


There's a man in the tree and he's holding a red pen
Called a resin Pilot Falcon (it's imported from Japan.)
I used the pen to draw these little people from my dream-
It's bad enough they took my pen but now they're stealing my ice cream!


Ice Cream (sketch)

I guess I was hungry for ice cream. Drawn with my Pilot Falcon SEF fountain pen.


Fountain Pen Cola

Fountain Pen Cola. Doodling with a Pilot Lucina (F) fountain pen.


Important Drawing of Important People Reading Important Books

Dumbo's got a Pinto bag and it goes well with his 'stache,
Though it's funny that he thinks he can impress us with his cash.
Wasted money on a pink bag, now he's bragging 'bout a book.
He can't face it- we're too busy with our own to care or look.

I got a book on pickles! Pervo's got a weirdo book he found,
And The Cowboy's reading Brokeback Kanyon (sequel to the Mount.)
But the words are all that matter, books with pictures do not count-
These 10 dummies in a room are reading hard and that's no doubt.


Important People Reading Important Books (sketch)

Important drawing of important people reading important books. Drawn tonight during my oldest boy's Kendo practice.


425 Business Cover Illustration (May 2017)

I did the cover illustration for May 2017 of 425 Business magazine. I worked with Art Director Kirsten Erwin on it - she was great to collaborate with. She had just the right suggestions and advice it needed. Thanks, Kirsten (and 425 Business.)


Fashion Sketch

Clothing studies based on random Google images. Because fashion is important.


Murican Dream

I'm afraid I think these boxes that we live on cost a lot.
They're so small and pink but Doc says, "Just work hard to pay it off.
Enjoy your mortgage, thank your bank, and know the dream is not a lie.
You're lucky to have a box, son, now go work until you die.
No, you'll never pay it off, so just turn your head and cough.
You're not dead yet so get to work while I go play some golf!"


Isopeople Sketch (fixed)

Redrawn for 2017 to fix some things (using my Pilot Custom 743 with EF nib.) I'll color it tonight in Clip Studio Paint.


Dinner Birds

Sitting 'round a table, Bird Men looking at a head.
All of them are hungry but want something else instead.
"That's fine if y'all don't eat, in fact I think it would be best,"
Said the bird in back, "I'll take it home and eat it in my nest."


Dinner Birds Sketch

"All drawings must be giant," said Art School.
"Not true!" said glorious Pilot Custom 742 fountain pen with incredibly fine PO nib.


Three Kinds of Men

There are guys who like dudes,
And there are men who like boobs.
But I'm the kind of guy who likes a sky full of tubes.



I'm a friend to all ghosts, and who wouldn't be?
Stranded on an island with no fences and free.
When mana falls from the tree, we gather around to eat-
Feeling lucky for the company and moments like these.


Skytubes Sketch

Drawn with my Sailor 1911s fountain pen (EF nib) on Rhodia dot grid. I love Japan's big 3: Sailor, Platinum, and Pilot. Pilot is my favorite (for the higher ink capacity and slightly soft gold nibs.)

This Sailor is one of my favorites, though, because I like the color and smallish size combined with the firm nib which gives a lot of control when drawing. I'll be coloring this in new software: Clip Studio Paint Pro.


When Dinos Attack (sketch)

Inked with my brown metal Falcon SEF. The brown Falcon is an unusual coppery color and is made of lead. It weighs over 1000 pounds, making it somewhat unwieldy. It holds 1ml of precious black ink and souls.


Helper at the Nest

Bird Man walking in the red sky,
He's not sure if he's dead or if he just wants to die,
And he's drinking so much wine he can feel it in his chest...
Sick of being nothing but a Helper at the Nest.


The Alcohol Consumption Show

Small hands? Yes, but says he's "big where it matters,"
(By drinking so much wine he's expanded his bladder.)
Some come for the drink and others come for the chatter,
You're welcome if you're thin but even more if you're fatter.

His name is Long Neck Beck and if you're sober you'll cry,
But if you're wrecked enough he seems a heck of a guy.
He never crosses the line until you come on his show,
There's no television camera or broadcast, though.

Just a weird room at the back of his house, you know?
But for lots of alcoholics it's THE place to go.
'Cause each contestant on the show each gets their own segment,
They get drunk and have a great time 'til they wake up pregnant.


Show Sketch

These Inebriates were drawn with an Osprey Pens Milano fitted with a custom EEF two-tone black oxide JoWo nib from FPNibs.com


Happy Flower Platform

New drawing colored in Escape Motions Rebelle. This software is so good - it's the best of digital and analog painting combined into one.


New Platform Sketch

New platform drawing. Noodlers Black on HP 32lb. Color coming next.