The Monster's House

Some very concerned people gathered at the monster's house.
One was weary, thought him scary, quite surprised to see him out.
But the others weren't perplexed as it's what you would expect,
When a monster's height exceeds to go inside would be a threat.

So of course he stands outside! But still the people wonder why...
Filled with questions they asked why such a tall monster would buy-
A three story house that's nice but much too short to fit inside...?

And the monster sighed and replied with an answer that implied-
That it's all he could afford... A fact that made the people sad,
But not sad enough to ignore his request to come inside.

"If I can't fit through the door, then I might as well rely-
On your thoughts of what it must be like to sleep inside at night."
"Something I'll never know but I should have realized...
Before I went in debt to buy a house that's not my size."