Teacup Beach

I'm not sure how this happened,
And neither is this peep:
A beach vacation for his wife
That he bought on the cheap.

He wanted to surprise her,
So this is what he got.
Turns out his wife prefers a beach
With water over not.


Vader, Porg & the Borg

He sits up in his teacup with his hands wrapped 'round a porg,
Thinking up new ways to join forces with the Borg.
To eradicate the Rebels by infecting them with spores,
And assimilate the hive mind to become one with the Force.



Dropping bombs on people's moms...
All because he's mad that his own mom named him "Tom."
He overreacted but there's more to explain, though-
Keep in mind the fact that his last name is "Aito."



Have no fear! I haven't lost my head-
I have it right here.
And my neck has a hole where you can pour the beer.
So do me a favor, dear.
Pour it in with a cheer.


Speedy Teacup

You think your car's cool? Well mine is better than yours.
My car is so fly it doesn't even have doors.
You can't show ME up - the girlies know what's up,
When they see me roll up in my Speedy Teacup.

Hot Lovah

I'll tell you what's up...
It's your hot lovah in a teacup.
With a tattoo on his thigh because he's the kinda guy
Who will love you 'til the sun's up.


Happy People In My Life

Happy people in my life,
Precisely just what they look like.
They smile big and some wear hats,
They hatched from eggs all laid by cats.


The Pen & The Fish

The PCH912 SU is a fun and expressive pen to draw with. This fish is a fun and expressive chum to fly with.


The Friendly Neighbor

If MF DOOM was a fox, he’d pro’ly steal a kid and lock it up in a box. But not to do it harm... More to save it from a life of working on a farm.

He’d do that kid a favor. He would save her. Just what you would expect from a friendly rapping neighbor.