Inktober Day 7: "Enchanted."  Pen & Ink & Watercolor.


Inktober “Husky.” I’ve lost track of the days at this point, so I'll just Inktober through November.



Inktober Day 5: "Build" ... Platinum Carbon Black and Holbein Watercolor.


"Ring" - Inktober day 1. Drawn with a Pilot Custom 743 PO, Holbein watercolor.


Android VS iPhone

Android VS iPhone. Drawn with a Pilot Falcon SEF, colored with Holbein watercolors.


Happy Rabbits

"Say hello to these rabbits & they'll say hello right back,
Just don't offer them carrot flavored jello as a snack.
'Cause it's more than they can stand, and they're likely to attack,
And when a rabbit bites your hand then you'll have to bite it back!"

I drew these rabbits with a new pen - Pilot Custom Heritage 912 SF. It's another favorite: perfect size & weight, and its nib is a true pleasure to write and draw with. Another favorite, for sure.


Robot Manflower

"Robot Manflower." 8x8 ink and watercolor. New discovery: Noodlers 54th Massachusetts Ink (watered down) works incredibly well for painting shadows/value before the watercolor. Watercolor does not disturb that ink! Drawn with a Pilot Custom 743 EF with De Atramentis Document Ink Black.


Robot Flower Man Sketch

Robot doodle with another favorite pen: Sailor 1911s EF, Royal Tangerine. Pilot Black ink on 4x6 note card.