Flying Robot in the Sky

Flying Robot in the Sky, watercolor. I used my new Holbein paints. (I love them.) Drawn with a Pilot Falcon SEF using Platinum Carbon Black. That's a trifecta of Japanese paint, pen, and ink.



Duckling Outpost

Stuck on Duckling Outpost, some might say it is a drag, but with luck maybe we'll get to fly the Duckling Kingdom flag!


Happy Flower

Happy Flower for Your Happy Friday - Drawn with a @platinum.pen 3776 Century Kumpoo using Platinum Carbon Black ink.


Plat Form (line art)

Digital vs Analog, best of both worlds -- Sketched in Rebelle 3 (Perspective Tools), Inked with Platinum 3776 Century Shungyo SF (and some UEF.) Ink is Platinum Carbon Black - a new favorite: Dries fast, pigmented and waterproof.


Three Islands (Color)

Three islands filled with people all alone out by the sea,
You see, I'd love to join them but there is no room for me.
That one guy climbed too high - I think they call him "Clumsy Paul"?
Soon there may be room for me... I'm just waiting for his fall.


Three Islands (Ink)

Art: "Drie Inseln" / Pen: Platinum 3776 Century Black Diamond EF / Ink: Pilot Black