Ghost Circle

Ghost Circle. Drawn using a Platinum 3776 Century SF with Noodlers 41 Brown ink. Painted with Prima Watercolor "Decadent Pies."


University Sketch Part 2

Found my dream pen once & for all: Pilot Custom 823 with FA nib. It's truly perfect. This is final line work for a rough sketch posted previously - the characters will be drawn separately and comped on top before coloring. Drawn from photo ref because I needed that exact location.



My friend, the responsible thing to do...
When buying a new pen is to sell another two.
So then my friend named "Harry M." bought one pen,
And he asked me to paint a Ghost-Terrarium for him.
That's when I took the new pen to a Moleskine page...
And drew a family of ten trapped in a ghost-shaped happy cage!

#art #drawing #moleskine #sketch #illustration #fountainpen #poetry #ghost


Sunshine in the Sky

Three Islands. A paradise and a nice quiet place to go.
But alas, it's not in my fate because work is all I know.
I heard the call and chose to draw these drawings 'til I die,
To live by the pen, I survive by painting sunshine in the sky.

#art #life #illustration #poetry #drawing #destiny


Three Islands (sketch)

Drawn while waiting for my kid's haircut & inked at home with my Platinum 3776 Century UEF.


Crowned Man Frowning

That girl is out of line! I think she's lost her mind!
She's riding on a bug and flapping arms like she can fly!
She's got a pack of ghosts with a smile on her face,
And our fate is in the hands of Crowned Man Frowning in a cape!

Incredibly Important People Sketch

Drawing some incredibly important people with the Sailor 1911 EF Bumblebee pen.



Way back in '88 I was staying up late
Playing games like Donkey Kong (and of course Pac-Man was great!)
Smashing barrels, chomping dots, chased by Blinky, eating Clyde-
Climbing ladders, jumping fire all to make that princess mine!


Boom Box Pizza Party

Boom Box in the room and we're putting it on blast,
Eating pizza, drinking beer & we're hoping both will last.
Rocking beats from the past, now the party's all set,
Let us breakdance to the sound of an analog cassette!


Boombox Party

Platinum's 3776 Century nib is even bigger than Pilot's 912 nib. Used both on this little boom box pizza party.