Fountain Pen Cola

Fountain Pen Cola. Doodling with a Pilot Lucina (F) fountain pen.


Important Drawing of Important People Reading Important Books

Dumbo's got a Pinto bag and it goes well with his 'stache,
Though it's funny that he thinks he can impress us with his cash.
Wasted money on a pink bag, now he's bragging 'bout a book.
He can't face it- we're too busy with our own to care or look.

I got a book on pickles! Pervo's got a weirdo book he found,
And The Cowboy's reading Brokeback Kanyon (sequel to the Mount.)
But the words are all that matter, books with pictures do not count-
These 10 dummies in a room are reading hard and that's no doubt.


Important People Reading Important Books (sketch)

Important drawing of important people reading important books. Drawn tonight during my oldest boy's Kendo practice.


425 Business Cover Illustration (May 2017)

I did the cover illustration for May 2017 of 425 Business magazine. I worked with Art Director Kirsten Erwin on it - she was great to collaborate with. She had just the right suggestions and advice it needed. Thanks, Kirsten (and 425 Business.)


Fashion Sketch

Clothing studies based on random Google images. Because fashion is important.


Murican Dream

I'm afraid I think these boxes that we live on cost a lot.
They're so small and pink but Doc says, "Just work hard to pay it off.
Enjoy your mortgage, thank your bank, and know the dream is not a lie.
You're lucky to have a box, son, now go work until you die.
No, you'll never pay it off, so just turn your head and cough.
You're not dead yet so get to work while I go play some golf!"


Isopeople Sketch (fixed)

Redrawn for 2017 to fix some things (using my Pilot Custom 743 with EF nib.) I'll color it tonight in Clip Studio Paint.


Dinner Birds

Sitting 'round a table, Bird Men looking at a head.
All of them are hungry but want something else instead.
"That's fine if y'all don't eat, in fact I think it would be best,"
Said the bird in back, "I'll take it home and eat it in my nest."