Lavender Town Progress

Line work for a Dwellings band illustration. I'll be coloring this tomorrow.


Nib Shot

I'm working on something special for a band called Dwellings. Special thanks to the Pilot Falcon for the line work. =)


Sometimes When a Path Divides...

Sometimes when a path divides it might seem impossible to cross,
But you'll find we're better off to build a bridge in spite of the cost.


Taxibus Color

Driving through Seattle on a San Francisco bus,
They look like a bunch of cattle but it could be one of us.
Heading to the disco downtown on the bus but thinking of-
Wondering why they got stuck below while those ghosts got to ride above.



Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower man doesn't have a big plan,
He works hard on the yard and it grows back again.


Lawnmower Man

"Lawnmower Man. Keeping Grass Down!" Celebrating my new Yamabudo Pilot Custom Heritage 91 (F) fountain pen with a new drawing. Noodlers Blue on Rhodia Dot Grid.


Big monster on the house with two daughters in his hands,
He would put them in his mouth but they are his biggest fans.
And their father's down below looking up & quite perplexed,
But he's glad they're safe at home and not out somewhere having sex!



Happy lighthouse scene with a happy Peeping Tom Monster. Happy drawing, ready for happy color.