Day 5. Inktober Chest.

Day 5. Fountain pens don't have to be expensive. This is a $12 Pilot Metropolitan & it rivals pens that cost 10x. 


Day 4. Inktober Boat Sketch

Day 4. Drawing with the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 loaded with an EF nib from a '91.




Sweet Wine For Starter Alcoholics

Day 1. "Sweet Wine For Starter Alcoholics" - Platinum 3776 Century UEF with J. Herbin Perle Noire ink.


The Crown

Drunk again and drawing crowns,
But I'll never be a king...
This was drawn with a pen called a Pilot 823.
Custom import from Japan loaded with the Noodlers Ink,
And I failed at poetry 'cause I had too much to drink.


Cafe Bustelo

Always drinking coffee for energy to draw,
'Cause having a big fam'ly leaves no energy at all.
So I brew my Café Bustelo for caffeinated wings,
And fly away with my Moleskine to draw important things!

Cafe Bustelo (sketch)


Dwellings CD Cover - Front

Illustration for Dwellings band CD cover. It's my favorite piece I've ever done, and with that I'm retiring from digital color... Going forward it's all about Moleskine and Watercolor. Back to the basics!