Don't Panic.

“Don’t Panic. War Is Okay as Long as It’s Organic.” Drawn on my new iPad Pro using Procreate. This is quite an app.


Jungle Cat

"Jungle Cat" Drawn with a Pilot Falcon SEF using Platinum Carbon Ink and painted with Holbein watercolors. Swipe for the scan.



Second drawing in my Doodle Addicts sketchbook. I have other marker colors but I could probably get by with just these.


Casa Aramburo

First drawing in my new DoodleAddicts.com sketchbook. Drawn with a Custom 742 PO and colored with Prismacolor Markers.


Quick, Stop the Bully Drop! v2.0 Watercolor Version

"Quick, Stop the Bully Drop!" v2.0, redrawn and colored with Holbein watercolors, 9"x12".


Border Patrol

"Border Patrol". Holbein watercolors and Noodlers 41 Brown ink on 6"x8" Strathmore mixed-media paper.


Push or Pull?, Drawing

Sometimes I "drive around" in Google maps. This drawing was inspired by something strange happening between a man and police in Mexico. I think that was his truck.


Purplebird Yellowsky

Noodlers 41 Brown ink and Holbein watercolor, 4"x6". Drawn with a Pilot Custom 823 FA.


Sunday Wonderland

Happy Thanksgiving! This is "Sunday Wonderland," colored with Holbein watercolors, 6x8. May your Thanksgiving be as bright & happy as pictured here! (And may you ride a horse-thing, too.)

Sunday Wonderland, Drawing

New one shadowed & ready for color. Drawn with a Pilot Custom 823 FA, favorite pen at the moment. Noodlers 41 Brown on Strathmore Mixed Media paper.