Pandolin Coraflot - Line Art

Drawn with a Sailor/Wancher Turquoise 1911L. The M nib on this pen comes to a sharp point which allows for some line variation not from flex but based on how deep the firm nib digs into the watercolor paper. The Noodlers Black ink is a little dry and that contributes to this effect.


Turbulent West

I drew this in my Baron Fig Portals sketchbook while on the plane. We were flying on Turbulent West Airlines.



I recently discovered the Wimmelbilder subreddit and created this illustration to celebrate. Colored using Rebelle by Escape Motions.


The Right Pen For the Job

Started with a Pilot Custom 742 PO. Finished with my 3776 Century UEF. Ready for color.


Stray Drop of Ink

There's a big drop of black ink spilled near the center... It's like that bit of ink just couldn't wait to be part of the art. Sometimes a rough sketch takes on a life of its own.


The Tree People

It's not shown in this drawing, but seconds later the trees ate all these people.


The Tree People

Finished line art for "The Tree People." I used a Sailor Professional Gear fountain pen with an Extra Fine nib. It's nib tip isn't as narrow as a Pilot or Platinum EF but it feels great to sketch and draw with.

Sailor pens are oddly short and stubby. I imagine Pilot pens must feel very long to Sailor fans. I'll have to color this with marker because I used Pilot Black ink which isn't waterproof (but it works great with alcohol markers.)

I don't use fountain pens to draw. I draw to use fountain pens.


Koo Wees Up to the Koo Wee Sky

The kids jump, and call, and send koo wees up to the koo wee sky! When I draw happy characters like this I find myself smiling and I don't even realize it. I hope that happiness comes through in the art.


So Mum goes for the phone and these guys slip out the door to see what Graham is doing up in the tree... I can't believe they'd just leave their food behind like that. I mean... look at it. Mmm.


That Strange Phone

There's a phone in Graham's Up the Tree and kids will have no clue what they're looking at or how those "buttons" work.