My wife & I rented the Harmony Lodge cabin in Baring, WA for a week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and our 4th and final kid due in 6 weeks (finally a girl!) I drew the cabin from life while the boys watched Total Recall. I finished inking it at my oldest boy's Kendo practice. That's the weird sword stuff shown in my story feed sometimes.

We were totally secluded and the river was about 30 feet from the window on the right. Amazing. Great vacation!

PS. Drawn with my new Pilot Custom 74 mechanical pencil and inked with my red Pilot Falcon SEF.



"Come on down to SpiderTown and be sure to bring your friends!
We'll clown around at Osprey, maybe buy some fountain pens.
Please be careful in the park, for when the monster gets real mad-
He's just sad that a ballpoint pen is all he ever had."

I colored this in Rebelle by Escape Motions using an Intuos pen & tablet. That software is amazing... it takes the complexity out of the process so you can just focus on the art. I'm not sure what I'd do without it.


Spider Town (line art)

My new drawing includes a tribute to one of my favorite pen makers OspreyPens.com - drawn with my pair of ebonite Osprey Milanos with custom EEF & EEEF nibs from FPNibs.


IsoMonster. Progress Day 1.

Work in progress. I use podcasts & shows in the background while drawing. I just finished the "Ozark" series on Netflix. It's really good.


There's a man in the tree and he's holding a red pen
Called a resin Pilot Falcon (it's imported from Japan.)
I used the pen to draw these little people from my dream-
It's bad enough they took my pen but now they're stealing my ice cream!


Ice Cream (sketch)

I guess I was hungry for ice cream. Drawn with my Pilot Falcon SEF fountain pen.


Fountain Pen Cola

Fountain Pen Cola. Doodling with a Pilot Lucina (F) fountain pen.


Important Drawing of Important People Reading Important Books

Dumbo's got a Pinto bag and it goes well with his 'stache,
Though it's funny that he thinks he can impress us with his cash.
Wasted money on a pink bag, now he's bragging 'bout a book.
He can't face it- we're too busy with our own to care or look.

I got a book on pickles! Pervo's got a weirdo book he found,
And The Cowboy's reading Brokeback Kanyon (sequel to the Mount.)
But the words are all that matter, books with pictures do not count-
These 10 dummies in a room are reading hard and that's no doubt.


Important People Reading Important Books (sketch)

Important drawing of important people reading important books. Drawn tonight during my oldest boy's Kendo practice.