The Clock Drawing

This was my first drawing for the Graham's Up the Tree book. I was anxious with it being the first of a much larger set so I used my most trusted pen: Metal Pilot Falcon, Soft Extra Fine. mbpardy loved it and I went on to make a bunch more.


New Book Announcement

junkyardsamI read a book on Amazon called "After the Dog Died." I loved it! Met the author and liked him as much as I liked the book. Next thing I knew I was posting on Instagram to announce a countdown to release of "Graham's Up the Tree" - a children's book by @mbpardy - illustrated by Junkyard Sam... Coming soon. =)

Kashal Tee & Ida on a Hip Hop Adventure

"This is not a game! It's not about Fortnite it's all about Fort Wayne!" It's Kashal Tee ( @samjewel ) and Ida on a hip hop adventure. Guest starring Fort Wayne's finest, @sankofafw

Colored with Winsor & Newton watercolors on Strathmore Multimedia 140lb paper.

Drawn with my Pilot Custom 74 using De Atramentis Document Ink Black.


New Drawing & Video featuring Rebelle 3 by Escape Motions

I drew a quick sketch in a meeting and used Rebelle 3 by Escape Motions to turn it into a more finished artwork.

Check out the time lapse video!


The Search for Extraterrestrial Fountain Pens

Created for a HAM Radio/fountain pen guy --- this is a new model of his favorite radio designed for even further contact!


Final Book Cover, Up For Voting

Here's the final book cover for my wife's book which just launched on Kindle Scout. If you have a moment please vote for it:

Many thank yous!!!
#art #illustration #book #NaNoWriMo #kindle


Cylinder Sunday

They gather around, grateful, sending prayers up just to thank.
(Directed at the man selected to be in the tank.)
Who knows why that man is bare in there, and to be frank-
They're thankful that it's him, not them. You can take that to the bank!


Cylinder Sunday (sketch)

New one in the works. Drawn with my metal Pilot Falcon SEF fountain pen using Pilot Black ink. Ready for color.


Three Kings

Three kings stopped a walking man to ask advice about their dreams.
But the man said, "Oh no please, I don't want to hear these things."
"I have dreams of my own although they'll never come to pass...
I just work my life away while all you rich guys sit and laugh."


Schnitzel Fam

It's Weinerman Sam with his weiner schnitzel fam,
Putting sausages to bed like a good fam-i-ly man.
Doing ev'ry thing he can just to get them into bed,
For a restful night of sleep in a warm bun made of bread.