Big Fish

A happy family hanging out with Papa on the barge,
No doubt he'll catch a fish for dinner, hoping it is large.
Dropping hook into the water, feeling thirst & getting parched,
Looks like Papa got a bite, reeling in his back is arched!

This fish is HUGE, Holy Crap! This thing is super strong!
The pole is bent, please line don't snap! Come on, Come On! COME ON!
Now we see it in the water... ENORMOUS, BIG and LONG!
As it shoots up high into the sky casting shadow down upon!

Wide open mouth and big sharp teeth it swallows family whole!
Hand in hand they cannot breathe but to survive was their one goal!
So they held their breath and stuck together, body, mind & soul,
And all five went swirling up and out the whale's big squirter hole!