Funny Tree & The Bird That Took

Funny Tree & The Bird That Took

Just another sunny day, gathered under Funny Tree,
With nothing much to say or rather nothing new to see.
When we livin' on a platform free to roam about,
We gotta keep on givin' worms to the bird that flaps about.

Freedom ought'a matter but there's no new space to seek.
Have at 'em bird, go eat the worms - but take us in your beak!
Carry us to safety some place big where we can play,
This tree's not funny anyway, in haste we must escape!

These monsters may be happy but my family needs a house,
We'd go gladly North or South, please just take us in your mouth!
And flap away your wings, we must get out to live our dreams,
This platform may look peaceful but this tree's not what it seems.

We pray each day in hope this bird will free us far away,
But he never does even though we feed him ev'ry day.
He'll take and take and take and until the last worm he has took,
And then we'll catch the bird to eat - it's almost time to cook.