Third Wheel Jim

Two happy Saints on Wednesday afternoon went out to roam.
Led by Nappyhead Saint Red, Saint Boone left toupee safe at home.
Hairless Little Jim in khaki BEGGED to tag along,
In a wittol's wacky dress, henpecked them like a jealous mom.

But Jim's end happened quick when SNAKES rose slick from underground,
As they slithered in for dinner out a mound but made no sound.

Quickly the men drew daggers and machete for protection,
But the tag-along still weaponless became strip-steak confection,
To the snakes devourin' him!
Torn jagged limb by limb as the two Saints ran away,
Shaked and ragged they escaped thanks to Little Jim's bad day.

While we mourn that he was eaten, Jim's life was not a total loss.
Those Saints lived to warn the Deacon - he died for a noble cause.