Laughing at the Pink Man

Laughing all about at the man who lost his head.
But see the sadness on his face? It's making him turn red.
Or rather - pink. At least I think that's what I see...
He used to be as yellow as that flower by the tree.

But these guys did something bad (like that kind of person does.)
Always quick to find a "funny joke" to play on one of us.
Everyone is quick to laugh so long the joke's not played on them...
It's easier to laugh-at than to be laughed at again.


Ellocat Waterflower

It's the Ello Cat Waterflower looking for a beach,
But there's no yellow sand in the vicinity to reach,
So the king will have to make due with the flowers left & right,
And hangout on his phone with friends on Ello through the night!


Art Revolution

A problem for artists deserves a solution,
So they created a space called Art Revolution.
A place to post art and to one-click review others,
A new kind of adventure with art to discover!


Sad Man in a Sad Chair

A man looked out with a sense of darkness in everything that he saw,
And it took out the light and hence went stark the once happy world he would draw.
To censor his sight and to leave his sad chair might would do the world quite a favor,
But to fight what's inside toward the back of a shelf - would it leave his art trite with no flavor?


The Small Box

The future of Amazon is flying miles high,
With packages delivered by a nice ghost and a guy.
To planets near and far and sometimes way up in the sky,
You can even order a small box to live in when you die.