Happiness Abound

Happiness abound when BB8 comes out to play!
Whenever he's around the kids are sure to say...
That a helpful robot friend is so much better than a horse,
Especially for young Padawans that haven't learned The Force!


The Capsule Men

Driving through the 'hood trying to enjoy the sun,
But The Capsule Men approach opting to destroy the fun.
Quick to hassle them, surrounded - found they got nowhere to run,
Now The Capsule Men will dazzle them and won't stop 'til they've won.

They claim they're here to teach, but they're really here to preach,
Modern medicine is like religion reaching out to each-
And everyone, with an answer instantly to solve,
"Put your faith in Mr. Pill and all your problems will dissolve."


Quickstop the Bull Drop!

Somebody call the cops!
This bully must be stopped!
I hope the cops can stop this man
Before poor Stan gets dropped again!


The Axeman

Everyone gathered for the lumberjack attack.
They claim they're sad he's cutting but they're where the action's at.
The sadness on their face betrays the celebration of the fall,
They pretend to love The Tree but then they're not real friends at all.