Show Sketch

These Inebriates were drawn with an Osprey Pens Milano fitted with a custom EEF two-tone black oxide JoWo nib from FPNibs.com


Happy Flower Platform

New drawing colored in Escape Motions Rebelle. This software is so good - it's the best of digital and analog painting combined into one.


New Platform Sketch

New platform drawing. Noodlers Black on HP 32lb. Color coming next.


Dancing in the Street

Can you feel the heat? We're dancing at the party on Concrete Street! We got Artie on the left with a beer in his hand with a monster as his guest and to the right is Stan! With something disconcerting on the front of his shirt, too exerted to flirt with the girl by the curb - with her fresh pink dress and others dressed to impress, I like the one that's sitting shirtless with his belly well fed! We never said that this party'd ever come to an end - the sun is setting but no fretting we can do it again!


Dancing Feet in the Concrete Street (video)

New drawing video featuring the Osprey Pens Milano & colored in Escape Motions Rebelle.