Twice the Towers, Twice the Fun

Twice the towers, twice the fun - no doubt!  With little creatures having fun, running all about...


IsoStation Final

Quick! Warn the peeps on this platform to cower,
Six monsters and rats have surrounded the tower!
But they're not here to eat corn or people-devour,
They just want to eat grass and snack on a pink flower.



Parking Garage Sketch

Trapped on the 3rd floor of a parking garage. Kids in the mirror shaking the van. Brown Pilot Prera EF with Noodlers #41 Brown ink.


IsoStation Sketch

Drawn using a technique learned from a sketchcity.ch Mattias Adolfsson video where you sketch a top down view of a map on a grid... then translate that map to isometric (or perspective in my case) and extrude height to the environment. It's a wicked cool way to design a world.


The Sometimes People

Sometimes drawings have a story, other times they have a box.
Sometimes the box contains a person hoping it's not locked.
Sometimes an artist gets caught drawing stuck with writer's block,
Sometimes I ask "What's going on?!" (but these peeps refuse to talk.)
Sometimes we're better off 'cause sometimes people can be shocked-
By things that Sometimes People do in a hot box on the sidewalk.


Lovebox Sketch

I'm not quite sure what's going on here... but poetry will tell. Stay tuned.


The Yapping Flappers

Fish are flying in the sky, flap-flap-flap!
Their fins aren't much for flapping but their mouths are quick to yap.
Lots of words are said but not much sense in anything they say,
These yappers echo nonsense heard on TV news all day!


Birds & Fish Sketch

Drawing with my Pilot Prera fountain pens (EF/F) with Noodlers Polar Green ink on Moleskine paper.


okluma illustration

Here's an illustration made for okluma.com -- Jeff at Okluma makes high-end custom metal flashlights. Tough as a tank. Individually machined. Check them out!