Get FIT at the Beach!

When a man rides a dog & wears a Black Flag shirt,
You know he might get in a fight but his dog's not getting hurt.
This punk is getting old and now he's got somewhat 'a belly,
'Cause he's working too much & too much time in front the tele'.

So he hops up on his beast and rides her down onto the beach,
To see Jessie and her boys and where the Get FIT coach will teach,
How we each can shake it in the water to Get FIT or row the boat,
Instead of sitting 'round and eating so much food that we explode!


Atari 2600

In 1981 I got this little box of fun,
From my father to his son: my future had begun.
Gripping joystick in my hand, I knew I was the guy-
Born to save the land from the missiles in the sky!

And in Pitfall? I answered Harry's call-
To help him get away from scorpions & rolling logs.
Now I didn't get the patch... But still I grew attached-
Yes the screen was full of blocks and falling barrels Kong dispatched.

But Donkey Kong met his match when I made it to the top-
And I rocked the highest score with the princess that I got!
Now these memories must endure- so I promise Pac-Man ghosts-
Will have a place forever more in every drawing that I post!


Atari Sketch

New work in progress featuring an old friend from childhood.


Demon Attack

Demons have arrived! We must fight to save our lives!
Let's defend our sacred platform from these leather jacket guys!
They might not be much in size, but their teeth are awfully sharp-
If YOU want to survive, grab a sword and do your part!

Call the 'Copter Bot for help- say "We're under attack!!!
By demons colored green like kelp with spikes up on their back!"
He'll come with reinforcements, to SAVE US from these beasts!
Oh look! I think he's flying in... with flowers from the East? :-/


New Pens, New Drawing

New pens, new drawing. These are Platinum 3776 Century fountain pens and they're a real joy to draw with. This is Noodlers Purple Ink on Rhodia dot grid paper.


People of the Cloud

These men crowded way up in the sky,
Have little in common with you or I.
They smile at each other and are quick to buy-
Any ride that's red that floats miles high.

Then they rise and hide in a cloud,
Where they float real close and talk so loud,
About how they're so much better than thou-
'Cause they only like red and not colors like brown.

And all about how they'd rather drown-
Than to lower themselves and ever come down.
Because floating around is superior to our town,
High up in the sky, not down with us on the ground.


Work In Progress

Work in progress featuring my Pilot Falcon, Metropolitan Mechanical Pencil, and Noodlers Ink.


Captain Kettle

Captain Kettle... While he'd never drive a truck,
Or a pedal bike - he'd rather like to sit up high above.
But with luck he fell in love, with this solo ATV -
Now he rides around in style barking at the infantry!


Your Daily Bread

I got a Bready from YourDailyBread,
But I never let such things go to my head.
So I looked for a way to give back instead,
I took pen & paper and sat down and said:

"Jeremy Burnich on a network called Ello,
Hands out recognition to creative fellows.
Curating great art & creation, a hero-
In honor of Burnich this painting I bestow!"

So speed over to Ello.co,
To discover neat people you might never know.
Follow YourDailyBread like a show...
His 'ellos inspire your mind to go "Whoa!"

- Thanks to +Joy Complex for the Bready!!!